All for You(th)-You(th) for All is coming from an urging situation of the refugees and immigrants of the World; since we are living in the era of global (im)migration caused by wars, economical reasons or by climate change, we, as international youth workers would like to offer our knowledge, experience and contacts to deal with this topic on an international level to help refugees and (im)migrants and local people to improve the current situation and prepare ourselves and other organisations to deal with this phenomenon. All world is affected by migration, and especially young people, who are one of the most mobile groups and the ones who determine how the future world will look like. For this it’s important that youth workers that are working with young people would be aware of the causes, opportunities and consequences of (i)migration and could support both – refugees and young (im)migrants by creating opportunities, fighting discrimination and providing support these young people need. Youth unemployment forces young people to move out of their country, and in new country they often face social exclusion and discrimination as refugees and (im)migrants. They lack support in their country of origin from youth workers (who could advise them on different opportunities about mobility) and they lack support in their country of destination where youth organizations should be able to include them.

We focus on 2 main issues – the (im)migration related issues in connection to refugee crisis and discrimination towards immigrants and second – emigration of young people in connection to youth unemployment. This is situation of emigration countries, but also attention should be drawn to immigration countries and inclusion of immigrants (especially refugees). With this project we will develop the capacities of youth workers. We will create intellectual outputs and we will train youth workers so they are able to continue their mission in training other organization and developing the work with refugees and migrants. This work must be with a double focus. There are different triggers and causes, push and pull factors for migration which affects everyday life on incoming and outgoing (im)migrants which is important to be realized and dealt with.

There are 2 phases of the project; Phase 1 is about cultural sensitiveness, fighting xenophobia, racism concerning immigrants/refugees and fight for their basic human rights with the help of international cooperation, and non-formal methods. In Phase 2 we would like to take a step forward and support the integration of immigrants/refugees by dealing with their employability.

Project dates: 03 July 2017 – 01 July 2019

Participating countries and venues: Costa Rica, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Tanzania and Viet Nam