• To get to know the personal life history of immigrants in order to understand the reasons to become refuges, get to know their life conditions and situations they are in;
  • To get acquainted with the laws regarding to immigrants in the participated countries;
  • To fight against xenophobia and racism.
  • To learn to use the technique called digital story telling.

Target group: 18 – 30 years old  (4 young people and 1 leader)

All together is 30ppl

Venue: Pécs, Hungary

We organised an international youth exchange in Pécs Hungary between 10-16 of July 2019. We had 4 participants and a group leader from the 6 countries. During the exchange the participants were hosted in the centre of Pécs and the restaurant was 200 meters from the accommodation. After the arrival of all the participants the group started to get to know each others through different interactive activities and icebreakers. In the afternoon we get to know the program in details and learnt about Youthpass. Each participants had to think about what they wanted to learn during the week. In the afternoon the group visited the main cultural sights of the city to get to know a bit about the Hungarian culture and about the city of Pécs. In the evening we had our Intercultural evening, where the young people shared a bit from their culture, through food, drinks, music and dances. The second day we dedicated to the theoretical part of our exchange, to get to know the migration situation in the represented countries and to know the Universal declaration of Human rights and the Unicef rights of the child and working out how this Rights can be imagined. In the afternoon the participants got to know what is Digital Storytelling and how to start to to create one from the scratch. They learnt how to identify the main character, how to write script how to choose the technical and digital equipment , the venue, they learnt about time management and how to edit the digital story.

On the they 3 we had a half day of working. In the morning we visited  Orfű a nearby lake and had some fu to be prepared for the next days. In the afternoon the participants started to form working groups to create their own digital stories based on their interest related to migration issues in Vietnam, Italy, Romania Costa Rica and Tanzania. They started to share their ideas and started to work on their ideas, started to prepare the materials for the digital stories.

On the day 4th the working groups were recording and editing their digital stories and finalised it during the afternoon, cause in the evening we presented the 5 digital stories in a local community place where we invited the member of Ngos from Pécs and from the surrounding. The event was really wonderful, all the 5 videos were shown to the locals and a lot of informal talking started between the group and the locals.

The last day was about the evaluation of the working groups, how they satisfied they were with the digital stories, that they created and how they worked together in international teams. The afternoon we dedicated to finalise the youthpass process with the group and the final evaluation of the youth exchange itself.

All the group was satisfied with the results of the exchange and they appreciated their time spent in Hungary.



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