• To present the tools  and methods of offline and online local campaign against xenophobia and racism;
  • To evaluate the results of the campaigns;
  • To prepare, run and evaluate a local campaign by young people with using the best tools and methods in order to disseminate the human rights of immigrants.

Target group: 18 – 30 years old (4 young people and 1 youth worker)

All together: 30ppl

Venue: Romania

Duration: August 10 to August 12, 2018




The event was organized in Romania, and took place in Covasna county, in Sugas Bai (Sugásfürdő), around 10 km from Sfantu Gheorghe, behalf of the annual regional youth festival called „Sic Feszt”. In this event were around 5000 young people who had debates, family and sport events and workshops.

The paticipants of the LSYE had participated in the festival where they had a tent as well where they prepared and ran their activities. 

First day, after their arrival, we organized a meeting with the local youth and the participants. First of all, they presented the project, its goals, the progress of the work within the project, activities, details about the Erasmus + programme, the partner NGO-s and the future plans. Later on we presented the plans for this particular event which were: discussion with the youth about migration, debates on different aspects of migration (emigration, imigration, refugees, etc.). Then we closed the day with discussing the outcomes of the day. On the next day, the participants ran several workshops with the participants of the „Sic Feszt”. These workshops were based on the topic of migration. After finishing all the sessions, all together we participated in the evening concert of the festival and then the farewell evening took place.

You can see the video made during are event here 



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