To prepare the 2 years projects with partners, make a specific plan for dates, venues, prepare monitoring questionnaires, info packs and content packs for the different activities.

Target group: 1 person/country (national coordinators)

All together: 6 ppl

Venue: Italy

Duration: 11th till 15th of December 2017.



The kick off meeting of the project “All for You(th), You(th) for All” was held in Italy, in Vicenza, from 11th till 15th of December 2017.

6 people took part to the meeting, 1 coordinator from each partner organisation (Italy, Hungary, Romania, Costa Rica, Vietnam and Tanzania).

All together we shared the aims of the project and we set up an activities planning.

We re-scheduled the timetable of the international events, since the starting date of the project was postponed, so we fixed new dates and confirmed the venues. We settled up agreements among each partner and the main coordinator of the project, sharing the responsibilities among partners, clarifying the tasks for each of us and sharing the budget.

For the first project meeting we chose to stay in a big house, we cooked our own food and we had the opportunity to compare our different cultures and backgrounds. The living together and the free time we spent in Verona was very helpful for the team building among the coordinators, to start our project from solid bases.


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