• To set up a common strategy entitled “We are all (im)migrants” in order to respect the universal human rights of immigrants and support their acceptance by local communities.
  • To make a plan how “We are all (im)migrants” strategy can be delivered and considered by decision makers locally, European and international level.

Target group: 4 youth workers/country

All together: 26ppl

Venue: San Isidro, Costa Rica


The main objective of the meeting in Costa Rica was to hold an international conference on migration, it had to be presented to the Local Government. In addition, in parallel, training and training activities were carried out with the participants.

Participants from Italy, Romania, Hungary and Costa Rica participated, unfortunately due to visa situations, participants from Vietnam could not attend.

Positive aspects achieved:

  1. It was possible to carry out the conference, with the assistance of the Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Pérez Zeledón and the assistance of several local media outlets that covered this activity.
  2. Led by Endre and Mara, training activities were carried out with all the participants from each country.
  3. Preparation and presentation of the strategy on migrants called "Totos Somos Migrantes".
  4. All the participants were presented with the documentary "Casa en Tierra Ajena", by the Costa Rican academic Carlos Sandoval.
  5. A good integration of all the participants was achieved, with what is expected to be able to develop future projects and activities.

We are all (im)migrants strategy recommendation can be downloaded from 




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