Studio Progetto is a non-profit organization founded in Valdagno (VI) in 1989. It is based on the principles of the world cooperative movement: mutuality, solidarity, democracy, involvement, balance and sharing of responsibilities, communitarian spirit and a balanced relation with the State and the Public Institutions. It pursues the general interest of the community to promote human and social integration of citizens through the management of health, social and educational services and work placement of underprivileged people.

Studio Progetto works in several areas:

Minor and Youth Area: includes Youth Information Centres/Offices in the Vicenza province, addressed particularly to young people. Their aim is to prevent the social hardship giving information, increasing individual skills and encouraging the creation of inforamal groups. They organize Summer Camps and Educational after-school Programs for children aged 6-14, mainly to support them with their homework together with projects of social inclusion and education of non-EU immigrants in high schools.

  • Education and training Area
  • Health Area
  • Disability Area
  • Mental health Area
  • Work integration Area


Currently, Studio Progetto employs 107 workers, including 52 Members, 3 trainees and 18 volunteers. Among the staff there are mostly educators, psychologists, counsellors and social workers, but also administrators, communication experts and technicians, depending on the service.


The social issue underlines all the activities that Studio Progetto carries out. Every day we deal with people socially, economically or healthy disadvantaged, such as elderly or disabled people and people with social exclusion risk with special attention on refuges, (i)mmigrants. We deal with groups of young people trying to involve them in active citizenship.

Motivation regarding to this project

Beside working with social services Studio Progetto, in the last two years, hosted around 50 refugees coming from Africa e.g, Tanzania and give supports to migrants from Asia e.g. Vietnam. As one of  the „border countries” of Europe Italy is highly interested on the immigrations phenomena and will be really relevant for us, as organization, to acquire knowledge and understanding on how to strengthen  and develop methods on working with immigrants, promote their involvement in society and exploit  volunteering as a tool for integration.