Our organisation is running a youth centre in the city of Tanga in Nguvumali district. It was established by us, young street kids, dropped out from school. Thanks to some programmes we managed to study, and now we have good jobs, and we run the organisation as well.

We are dealing with kids and young people dropped out from schools and we would like to offer them alternative educational activities to stay or get back to the educational system.

Although, Tanzania is not the country from where the most impacted by immigration in Western Africa, however with the escalation of the activities of Boko Haram and other terrorist activities in Kenya, and the changing climate, we expect that this situation can change very quickly.

In our experience with the first given chance young people would like to leave to European countries to get a better life, however, most of the time, these people does not have education, or language knowledge.

Motivation regarding to this project:

We started EVS projects with Hungary in 2010, and the programme was very successful and fruitful for us. We would like to see the expectations of those countries, where the immigration is heading, and to spread the true situation of immigrants without knowledge in these countries. Young people in our country has an image of these countries is very different from reality. We would like to emphasise the importance of knowledge to our clients, and spread it also in our area. We would like to establish more workplaces and support the employment of our young people here in order not to think of being immigrants in Europe.