Center for International Cooperation and Vietnam Talent Development (CVTD) is Vietnamese non-governmental, non-profit organization acting mainly in education, community tourism and scientific research. The organization’s purpose is linking people all over the World and helping develop human resource for sustainable development of the society.

CVTD is a member of the Vietnam Scientific Association for Development of Talents – Human Resources (, with the support of the Project STEPs4NGOs which was funded by Youth in Action Programme of the European Union (Action 3.2 – Youth in the World).

CVTD’s projects which are designed by each topic are very necessary and important for the youth from different countries to develop their societies, communities, diversified cultures, including global issues that affect young people who have fewer chances, for example climate change, developing sustainability, immigration, targets for millennium development, against the poverty and social discrimination.

CVTD is an active playground of creativeness, study, social communication for youth with the aim of taking the shape of global thoughts and local actions. Each individual will realize their potential capacity and be active in developing solutions to society’s demands and changing negative reality. At once, they need to be provided the opportunities to see the real life and to realize their potential capacities through our programs.

Through the informal education programs, our objective is to help teenagers realize more of their potential to address the increasing global social, economic and environmental challenges we face on.

Motivation regarding to this project:

  • To collaborate with partners and members of project to research and give solutions for stop immigration from Vietnam and the reasons of ignoring, generating fears from immigrants from other parts of Asia, and becoming racists connected to immigration.
  • To collaborate with partners with partners in organizing seminars, workshops, discuss with research institutions, individuals regarding to migration, immigration issues, xenophobia, racism in Vietnam and in EU.
  • To compose full publication of regulations concerning immigration policy, solution for this matters, become reference in long-term to institutions in Vietnam, policy makers, also peoples in countries within project, or other countries regarding. Help them understand the reasons for becoming immigrants and the immigration policies behind.
  • To promote and introduce to partner countries about human, geography, culture, education, economic of Vietnam. Calling on investor from outside, especially the European system and developed countries, create more works, then limit illegal migration/immigration in and from Vietnam.