Asociatia Tinerilor din jud. Covasna – HARIT is a non-governmental organization founded in 2007 at the initiative of youth NGO leaders from our county. In our region there are more than 50 youth NGO-s registered, but there is no NGO that is making programs, trainings for the leaders of the youth NGO-s. We are based in Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna county, where Romanians, Hungarians and Roma people live together, it is a unique intercultural city and our organization promotes this value, organizing projects where youngsters from these 3 ethnic groups can interact and work together. In the last 5 years, there are more and more refuges and (im)migrants arrived to Transylvania from Africa, Asia and now from Arabic countries. Based on our youth work experiences among different culturally and nationally young people, we adapt these into youth work activities with refugees and (im)migrants’ young people and their families. We support them to explore our multicultural societies and find their homes and better lives among us.


We have experience on using online tools and social media in the work with young people, we have organized webinars and online seminars in order to reach more youngsters in the comfort of their home. Near the used methods and channels we truly believe that in the youth work the use of social media is essential in 2017.


Our association is organizing large programs, regional programs where it involves the leaders of the youth NGO-s, but also the local youth policy representatives. In the last few years we organized more programs, that had at the base the dialog between youth policy makers and youth NGO-s: Youth Leaders Conference, Youth days of Covasna county.


We have experience on international level as well, we have organized several Erasmus+ mobility of youth workers projects. Our association also has a youth centre in the centre of the town, where young people and youth NGO leaders have possibility to connect to internet, to gain information and to get help for their projects.


The members of our organization are highly trained youth leaders from different regions from our county. They have a lot of experience in the youth field, they organized a lot of projects regarding the youth, including the employment topic We have also specialists in our team, who are working at the Covasna County Employment Agency. In our organization we have members who are: trainers, psychologists, human resources manager, and teachers, people with a lot of experiences  and highly motivated to work.


Motivation regarding to this project:

As the number of asylum seekers, refugees and (im)migrants from Africa and Arabic countries are raising, we face with challenging within our societies in order to explore each other’ culture and make our town more cross cultural communities. We have already had experiences to support and cooperate with migrants young people and families from Asia e.g. Vietnam, however now we have a need to adapt our youth work methods and techniques working with minorities and different ethnic groups to the needs of newly arrived refugees and support them to find their place into our local communities.