In P.Z. Youth House we develop projects and programmes that are searching for integral development of young people. The geographical region where our organisation is operating (Branca Region), we became the area from where the most of the immigration is happening from our country to the USA. This caused numerous social problems in the area.

A lot of young people who are in the educational system, have the experience that their families are moving away.

The development of distance-education programs is important that they can complete their high school education, or diversity of choices in non-formal education programs focused on topics such as leadership, community organisation , teamwork , self-esteem , relationships, drug abuse, sexuality, among other topics variety thereby seek direct inclusion of these young people in their community .

Motivation regarding to this project:

The canton of Perez Zeledon is the canton of Brunca region with the largest number of immigrants to the United States, which has led to problems of family disintegration, adolescent pregnancies and disinterest in the study, which motivates us to seek new alternatives to face these problems, moreover this are also has a Nicaraguan population immigration, people with whom we have found little chance to develop programs and activities. Being able to socialize with other countries and especially with young people who have had experiences, allow us become more sensible to our young people. Also on the other hand, being able to share ideas with other countries such as the issue of immigration allows us to learn new mechanisms and experiences to suit our socio-economic reality .